About Us

Meet Roger Deedon

I am fortunate to be making a living doing what I’ve wanted to do since I was a child. My father has an automotive repair business in Northern Illinois, so I guess you could say that I’ve spent my whole life in an auto repair shop. After a two-year stretch of employment in a body shop nearby, my father had an opening for an apprentice. He checked my references, making sure that I was hired on the merits of an employee, rather than simply because I was the boss’ kid. Now that I have my own shop, I can appreciate that position a lot more!

It was there, working for my father, that I learned how to fix cars. He taught me the most important things a repair technician can learn: how to do electrical testing and make drivability repairs and the dying art of customer service. After a few years, the snow and cold weather began to take its toll, and family ties brought us back to central Arkansas, where I soon went to work for a busy independent shop. It was over lunches and break times there that my shop foreman and I began talking about how we would do things if we were the boss. Before long, we had decided that this didn’t just have to be a daydream, and that we COULD have our own shop.

In 2002, we took the plunge, starting out by printing flyers on colored paper on our home computers, and placing them in mailbox newspaper slots in neighborhoods all over Cabot. After 6 years, I bought out my partner. Early in 2010, my wife came to work in the office with our service advisor, Paul Osborne. We have four full-time technicians, and an apprentice, and have been voted by the Cabot Star Herald readers as Best Mechanic in Cabot for four years, and Best Auto Repair Shop for two years.